Choose Your Wedding Style

There are many different ways to get married, the three most popular on Koh Samui are Western Style, Buddhist Style or a combination of both.

Western Style Weddings in Koh Samui can take place in a number of different locations. Many brides and grooms choose to hold their wedding at a beachfront villa or resort in order to exchange their vows on the beach. The reception can then be held at the villa or resort. Some couples chose to hold their reception in a beautiful mountain side villa with spectacular ocean views and either get married on the terrace or take their guests down to the beach for the exchanging of the vows. Some brides choose to marry on a private yacht and hold the reception there too or return to their villa or resort for the reception later. Where ever you choose to get married western weddings can include a Western Celebrant, bouquets and flowers, petal confetti, hair and makeup artists, elephants, event doves, music, venue lighting and decorations, DJ’s, bands and live music, a wedding cake, fireworks, fire dancers, fire lanterns, butterfly releases and other items such as keep sakes for the guests.


If you don’t want a traditional Western wedding ceremony then there is always the option of having a Buddhist Wedding on Koh Samui. The groom may want to arrive on an elephant before the wedding starts with prayers from Buddhist monks. The bride and groom then have their heads linked with loops of Sai Mongkon that looks like white string. This is to symbolize the two identities becoming one. Candles and incense are lit, monks chant and there will be a cleansing ritual with light splashing of water. Buddhist ceremonies are spiritual, colorful and a superb experience for both you and your guests.

You also have the option to have a Western and Buddhist Wedding Combined. Those are usually more pricey and require a wedding planner to assist with the preparation and execution.

Whats your preferred wedding style?

If you choose to get legally married in Thailand, rather than having a civil marriage in your own country and coming to Samui for the ceremony then you can. The legal marriage in Thailand requires you to visit your embassy in Bangkok to obtain a statutory declaration that verifies that you are single and free to marry. Each embassy has its own form and regulations for this process. You will then need to have the document translated into Thai then visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for processing and endorsement. The papers may take two to three days to be processed. From there they will be couriered to Samui where they will need to be taken to the Amphor office in Nathon. The Registrar can either attend your wedding or you can sign the documents in his office for your marriage to be made legal. Your marriage will then need to be registered in your own country once you return. There are specialized companies that can assist you with this, see businesses providing Registration, Affidavits & Translation services here



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