Popping the Big Question in Koh Samui

Getting married in Koh Samui has been turned into a dream come true for many couples. However, Samui is not just the ideal spot to get married, it is a fantastically romantic place to pop the big question, and if you have been considering a wedding in Koh Samui then coming a year or so early to propose will give you both a good opportunity to look around and see what is available to you and it will help you plan your big day. Of course it is also a wonderful opportunity to get to know your wedding planner head of time and form the sort of special bond that will take even more of the pressure out planning your wedding in Koh Samui.

Samui has plenty of magical places where you can ask the woman of your dreams to spend the rest of her life with you and offers romantic as well as fun ways of doing just that.


Before you consider the best style and place for your proposal, the moment that will be one of the most thrilling, exciting and sometimes daunting moments in your life also deserves careful consideration. The last thing you want is to find your head spinning thinking of all of the things that can go wrong. The good news is that many of the event and wedding planners listed on Koh Samui Wedding  have a great deal of experience in organizing wedding proposals, stag and hen parties, celebrations and of course weddings and honeymoons.

Proposing in Koh Samui is a great way to ensure that things like her, and your, work schedules do not get in the way of your special moment as well as things like the traffic. Proposing away from friends and family can also ensure that the cat is not let out of the bag early by even the most well-meaning people who sometimes inadvertently spill the beans ahead of time.

One of the key ingredients to successfully proposing is to keep it simple. If you try to over complicate what you are trying to ask it can not only detract from the meaning itself but will increase your chances of bumbling your words.

Whether you choose to include elements such as fireworks, flowers, candles, a romantic meal or even something more elaborate into your proposal try to ensure the elements have a direct relationship to the connection you share. Go back to the roots of your relationship because that is what makes it unique, but do make sure that it is not too corny.

5  Proposal Suggestions

The beach proposal. Imagine strolling along a deserted beach, then as you turn the corner you come across an isolated area with flowers, a bucket of champagne on ice with two glasses, music playing in the background that is personal to your relationship and a photographer hiding discreetly in the background to capture your special moment as the sun sets on the shore. Perhaps you would like to add a dining table under a sala for two on the beach with candles, some fine dining, a seafood BBQ, a fire dancer, a musician, a magician, traditional Thai dancers, live music, fireworks or a white dove release. The beach proposal options are limited only by your imagination.


The yacht proposal. Imagine a sunset cruise on a yacht, enjoying cocktails, wine or champagne, some canapés, soft music and the backdrop of the Marine Park, Koh Phangan and Koh Samui. This is a wonderful way to propose to your lady and as she accepts your hand in marriage fireworks will go off around the bay.


The James Bond Proposal. Imagine taking a romantic stroll along the beach when your own private speed boat races to shore to pick you up and whisk you away to a private bay where dinner for two has been set up on the beach, you can add a waiter, a life band, fire dancers, a saxophone player, Thai dancers or even your own private floating bar and cocktail lounge on the ocean.


The Spa proposal. Samui has some incredibly romantic spas where you and your bride to be can enjoy pampering both before and after you pop the question. A spa proposal can be on the ocean front or up in the refreshing cool of the mountainous island interior. What could be better than feeling the splash of the waterfalls on your bodies as you take the first step towards spending the rest of your life with the love of your life.


On Top of the World Proposal. There are some incredibly romantic spots in the interior of the island that offer spectacular views. You could arrange the proposal of your dreams over a picnic in a remote hillside, in a luxury private villa, on the back of an elephant while trekking in the jungle, at the end of a zip line after a thrilling canopy adventure or under one of the incredible waterfalls.


Other more unusual places to propose in Koh Samui include, – The Ice Bar, Underwater SCUBA diving, at a Buddhist blessing in one of the many temples, during a jet ski safari or in the middle of the Full Moon Party!


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