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Share your special day with other users, showcase your dream wedding to them. Submit photos and details of your real wedding to us to post on our Koh Samui Wedding Blog.

Submitting your wedding to us is easy.

1.Create a selection of 10-20 of you best wedding images, make sure that are no bigger than 2mb, rename them to a simple identifiable name. Example:  [name of bride]-[name of groom]-wedding-[year]-[location]-[1,2,3], if your names are Anna & David, your wedding was in 2016 and the location was Koh Samui your photos would be named; anna-david-wedding-2016-samui-1, anna-david-wedding-2016-samui-2, and so on

2. Upload your photos to our server, using the form below

3. Fill out the below form with your details and description of your wedding



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