Some of the World’s Most Expensive Weddings

You can save a vast amount of money on your wedding by getting married in a wedding destination like Koh Samui that offers incredible beach weddings, hillside weddings with stunning ocean views and all of the ingredients you need to create your dream wedding in a hot tropical climate, but at a fraction of the cost of back home. However we thought it would be fun to have a look at a few weddings around the globe that cost more than most of us could ever dream of spending.

Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman wedding also tied the knot in 2005 at their wedding at the Napa Vally’s Staglin Family Vineyard. The brides gown cost eight hundred thousand pounds and Sharon Stone was among the one hundred and fifty guests. Estimated cost $2 million.

In 2005 Catherine Zeta Jones married Michael Douglas at New York’s Plaza Hotel that was guarded by over fifty policemen. The wedding featured invitations written in invisible ink and holograms and a bride’s diamond tiara that cost three hundred thousand pounds and a gown that cost one hundred and forty thousand pounds. Wedding invitations were sent to stars such as Sean Connery, Jack Nicholson and Michael Caine. Estimated cost – $1.5 million.


In 2007 it was the turn of Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar to tie the knot in a double ceremony over eight days. The celebrations started at Sudely Castle in Gloucestershire and then moved on to Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur. The bill for the private jets came in at three hundred thousand pounds, another one hundred thousand pounds was spent on accommodation and ten thousand on a night in a bridal suite in India. Estimated cost $.25 million.

Back in 2002 Paul McCartney and Heather Mills held an Indian style wedding at St Salvador’s church in Monaghan, Ireland. The ceremony featured Indian Dancers, a vegetarian feast, one hundred and forty thousand pounds worth of flowers, one hundred and fifty thousand pounds worth of fireworks and forty thousand pounds went on renting a castle. Estimated cost $3 million.


In 2006 Tom Cruise married Katie Holmes. This lavish wedding was held at 15th century Odescalchi Castle outside Rome and featured a five tired white chocolate cake decorated with marzipan roses, three hundred bottles of wine that cost one hundred and eighty thousands pounds, nine hundred thousand pounds in airfares for guests who included Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez and David Beckham. Estimated cost $2 million

When Chelsea Clinton married Marc Mezvinsky in 2010 their wedding plans included six hundred thousand pounds that was spent on air conditioned tens, eleven thousand pounds was spent on the cake and some serious money was spent on deluxe pampering and security costs for their five hundred guests who included Oprah Winfrey. Estimated cost $5 million.


While most people would never even think about spending a fraction of those costs on a wedding, you too can have wedding fit for the stars. By substantially reducing wedding costs by shifting your big day to Koh Samui you can have your million dollar day for far less than you think.

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